Network – I Need You (PTG CD)


The LP Network – I need you’ will always be a very special album for Vinyl Masterpiece. The release of this album was the start of our company and our webshop. In 2004 we thought about reissuing disco funk albums from the eighties, especially the ‘wanted’ and never issued disco funk classics on vinyl & CD.

Artist: Network
Label: PTG Records
Sort: Artist CD
Product #: PTG 34001
Barcode: 8717438196015

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We started to reissue Network. If there were fans out there who loved this album as much as we and wanted to buy this on CD and vinyl, we knew there was a good chance to reissue much more great disco funk albums. Fortunately you proved us right; it was a success and we invested in our webshop and could start a new adventure with our favourite music.

Now 4 years later we are reissuing again the album of Network. In these 4 years we have built our experience in repairing the original artwork and in the mastering of 80’s music. So, with our knowledge now, we could reissue this album in a much better way. And why shouldn’t we? We owe the start of our company to Network! So, we remastered it again and repaired the artwork and released it with the original cover!

I would like to thank all of you who have supported us and helped us to realise our dream. And naturally I would like to thank all our VM-members!; without you we didn’t exist!

Tracklist: Network – I need you

01. Jennie (4:39)
02. Pump it up (6:23)
03. Cover girl (6:32)
04. I need you (4:58)
05. Hard to give it up (5:30)
06. Why you wanna treat me like that (7:11)

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