Shipping and Returns


We ship to any address in the world!
95% of all orders are shipped within 48 hours after ordering. If we can not deliver your order immediately due to the stock limity, we will put your order on “Processing” and send you an email for confirmation and an estimation when we will be able to ship your order. When your order is shipped, you will also receive an email confirmation.


When you have put your selected items in your CART, you can choose the way of DELIVERY. Our Shipping rates varies with the weight of your package in combination with your country. offers the following shipping methods:

  • Parcel post (not insured)
  • Track & Trace insured
  • Track and Trace insured + traceable from door to door

Parcel Post (not insured)

We send small packages (1-2 CD’s) by normal post. It’s not insured. This keeps the shipping price as low as possible. For some countries you can choose for Parcel post; then you choose if you want to insure the value of the package. If you choose for insuring, the price will be higher. If you choose for not insuring it’s on your own risk. Average shipment time: Europe: 2-7 days. Outside Europe: 4-10 days

Track & Trace. Always insured. Add on: Follow your package (traceable package)

For most European countries & USA we choose to send packages with a weight more than 500 grams (from an order of 3 CD’s or 2 vinyls) with Track & Trace. It is always insured and mostly you can choose if you want to follow your package online (traceablbe from door to door). Average shipment time: Europe: 2-7 days. USA: 3-8 days


Don’t worry if you missed the delivery of your package. With most of our shipping methods, the packages will be offered two or three times at your door.

Remark: When you have missed all the offerings, good chance your package is in your local postoffice.

TIP! Add a different shipping & billing address When you filled in the form for billing and shipping address, you can choose for a different billing and shipping address. As 90% of all our send packages are offered at daytime we advise to fill in the address where you are at daytime (e.g. work-address). You can add a shipping address anytime.


All our track & Trace shipments are insured and registered by one or more unique numbers/forms. If for whatever reason the shipment has not delivered to you, within reasonable time, your order will be reshipped for free! Please check our email / or your account to locate your shipment. For any questions, please mail to


You can return the items ordered within the period of 14 days. The period begins on the day following receipt of your article. If you have ordered multiple items in one order, you can return up to 14 days after you have received the last article.