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DANCE MUSIC IS OUR PASSION Our passion is the dance music from the eighties, especially the (rare and hard to find) disco funk classics. Our goal is to deliver our (and hopefully your) favourite disco funk music in the best possible way for a reasonable price. We offer vinyls (12inches and LPs) and CDs s. Most of our items are re-issues, which are available in a limited edition only, so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to order. Regarding the original (rare) vinyls (original pressings); it is always very difficult to obtain a large stock of original (rare) vinyls, so here you have to be quick as well.

PTG RECORDS Since last year www.vinyl-masterpiece.com has set up a co-operation with PTG Records. www.vinyl-masterpiece.com will distribute all products of PTG Records, a label which is specialised in re-issues of disco funk classics of the eighties. PTG Records will release will release both their vinyl and CD re-issues on several different labels.

PTG RECORDS: MAXIMUM QUALITY With every release PTG records will do its outmost best to guarantee the highest quality possible. All music will be digitally remastered according to the latest technology in the best studios. PTG records press their vinyl and CD's in factories, which deliver the highest quality. Nearly all vinyl releases of PTG Records are 180 grams with a luxury polybag inside and are completely sealed. All CD releases of PTG records come in a luxury Digipack and are also sealed. This will ensure that you can enjoy the great dance music of the eighties in a maximum quality.

ORDERING In starting the service to distribute vinyl and CD's, our goal is to deliver to consumers, retail (shops) and wholesale all over the world. Of course this is easier said than done. Consumers can now order by Credit Card and Paypal. Retail (shops) and wholesale clients, who are interested in our products can fill out the contact form.

PACKAGING We ship our products in heavy packaging, which guarantees to protect your ordered vinyls and/or CD's!

CUSTOMER SERVICE If you have any questions or remarks about our products, shipping dates etc.; please email to Vinyl Masterpiece. We check everyday our email and have the goal to respond within 24 hours. To keep our customers satisfied is one of our missions.

BOOTLEGS, ILLEGAL PRESSING Everybody who frequently searches for hard to find dance classics will find at some point bootlegs or other illegal material. To be clear on this: vinyl-masterpiece.com will not distribute vinyl- or CD- bootlegs. We have the opinion it is not more than logical that copyrights and royalties should be paid to the original writers and composers. We should be thankful for the great music they wrote and produced and to distribute their music it is an honour for us.

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The VM Crew