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Selection – Selection

In the late seventies Italian producer Mauro Malavasi set the standard for high quality Italian produced soul-funk-disco music with bands like Change, BB&Q Band, High Fashion, Macho, Peter Jacques Band and Zinc. Other Italian producers start to copy the success of the typical Italian funk sound of Mauro Malavasi and Jacques Fred Petrus. They could easily stand the test with US productions in that period. In the early eighties more than fifty Italian produced acts had worldwide successes in the soul, funk and disco area.

Producers duo Claudio Donato and Franco Donato were very successful producers and recorded with various acts and scored successes with Kano, Orlando Johnson, Vivian Vee, Firefly and Selection.
With the studio formation Selection Claudio and Franco recorded their first single “Madly” in 1980.

It was not until the summer of 1982 before their first and only album was released on the Full Time Records label. For the album recordings, producers Claudio and Franco Donato joined forces with writers/arrangers Roberto Negroni, Naylon and Van Patterson. And together with leadsinger Van Earl Patterson and backing singers Gail Berry, Orlando Johnson and Patty Johnson they recorded eleven tracks.

“I’m So Glad”, “Ride The Beam” and “Rebel On The Run” became favourites among the many soul-funk lovers all over the world and the album and the 12 inches became collector items over the years.

This re-issue on PTG Records is completely digital remastered from the orginal mastertapes. And finally is this piece of classic Italian funk available in it’s full glory…. including remixes/long versions of the single tracks.
We are very glad to present you the 1982 album Selection on CD!


01. Got To Be Real 5:46
02. Taxi 0:20
03. Rebel On The Run 4:15
04. Second Riff 0:30
05. I’m So Glad 4:12
06. First Riff 0:22
07. Desire 4:11
08. Ride The Beam 4:44
09. Spirit At The End 5:26
10. Insert Slow Funk 0:19
11. On The Ground 4:26
12. Live For Love 6:26
Bonus Track
13. Ride The Beam (Remix) 6:14

14. Rebel On The Run (Remix) 4:55
15. Got To Be Real (Remix) 5:53
16. Got To Be Real instrumental (Remix) 5:33
17. Madly (Naylon, Kargo, Markstone) 7:05


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