Temptations – Truly For You (PTG CD)

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The Temptations – Truly For You

“Truly for You” is the 1984 album by the Temptations made for the Motown label and featuring the debut of their new lead singer Ali Ollie Woodson replacing Dennis Edwards. Included on the album is the very successful single “Treat Her Like a Lady” which reached number 2 on the R&B Charts.

Other successful singles from this album were “My love is true” (nr. 14 R&B Charts) and “How can you say that it’s over” (nr. 81 R&B Charts). The album was produced by Earth Wind & Fire members Albert Phillip McKay und Ralph Johnson.

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The Temptations – Truly For You

01. Running

02. Treat Her Like a Lady

03. How Can You Say That It’s Over

04. My Love Is True (Truly for You)

05. Memories

06. Just to Keep You in My Life

07. Set Your Love Right

08. I’ll Keep My Light in My Window


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