Marvin Gaye – I Want You (CD)


‘I Want You’, while it a Top Ten smash for Marvin Gaye in 1976, is not as generally as well-known as its predecessors.

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From the amazing Ernie Barnes cover painting ‘Back to Sugar Shack’ to the Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson string and horn arrangements to Leon Ware’s exotic production that relied on keyboards as well as drums and basses as rhythm instruments, ‘I Want You’ was a giant leap for Gaye. It’s an adult album about intimacy, sensuality, and commitment, and decades later they still reverberate with class, sincerity, grace, intense focus, and astonishingly good taste. ‘I Want You’ is as necessary as anything Gaye ever recorded.

1. I Want You (Vocal)
2. Come Live With Me Angel
3. After the Dance (Instrumental)
4. Feel All My Love Inside
5. I Wanna Be Where You Are
6. I Want You (Intro Jam)
7. All the Way Around
8. Since I Had You
9. Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again
10. I Want You (Intro Jam)
11. After the Dance (Vocal)

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