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The Gap Band – 3

Gap Band – III. When Gap Band – III came out in 1980, the Wilson Brothers were widely regarded as true heavyweights in the funk field. Many funk experts will tell you that creatively, they were right up there with the likes of Cameo, Rick James, the Isley Brothers, and the Bar-Kays in the early ’80s. Over the years, The Gap Band III (which was the group’s fifth album, not its third) has often been described as the ultimate Gap Band album — and it’s hard to disagree with that assertion.

Produced by Lonnie Simmons, this exceptional album boasts three of the Wilson Brothers’ biggest radio hits: “Burn Rubber on Me” (a funk classic), the Parliament-minded “Humpin’,” and the quiet storm slow jam “Yearning for Your Love.” But The Gap Band III is also full of gems that weren’t big radio hits, including “Gash Gash Gash” (another funk classic), the perky, Earth, Wind & Fire-ish “Are You Living” and the ballad “Nothin’ Comes to Sleepers.” There isn’t a dull moment on The Gap Band III, which is excellent from start to finish and is essential listening for funk addicts.


01. When I look in your eyes (4:59)
02. Yearning for your love (5:00)
03. Burn rubber on me (5:31)
04. Nothin’ comes to sleepers (5:34)
05. Are you living (4:23)
06. Sweet Caroline (3:21)
07. Humpin’ (5:13)
08. The way (4:47)
09. Gash Gash Gash (5:18)
10. Burn rubber on me (Radio version) (4:10)

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