Starpoint – Object of my desire (6CD Box)


Lavish 6CD box set showcasing the entire Elektra Records catalogue of 80s electrofunk/R&B titans Starpoint.

Featuring 84 tracks, this first-of-its-kind box set spans all six of the group!s Elektra-released albums, including a massive 34 bonus tracks including rare edits, extended versions and more – many appearing for the first time on CD.

Includes ten US top 40 R&B hits, including the crossover smash “Object Of My Desire! – a streaming sensation after being showcased in hit Netflix series Stranger Things 4.

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This six-disc set beautifully showcases the stellar funk and soul recordings of underrated 80s R&B stalwarts Starpoint – a group who thrillingly navigated their way through an ever-changing R&B landscape of the decade from post-disco electro-funk to searing power ballads and hip- hop-driven New Jack Swing.

Built around the nucleus of the four Maryland-based Phillips brothers – Ernesto, George, Orlando and Greg – the group became Starpoint in 1980 with the addition of gifted Nigerian bassist Kayode Adeyemo and dynamic lead vocalist Renée Diggs, who!s five-octave range is a wonder of Whitney-like proportions.

They hit big with the electro-funk dancefloor juggernaut “Don!t Be So Serious’ in 1983, which lead to the band signing to Elektra. Their most-lucrative period followed, including the massive crossover success of 1985 album “Restless’ co-produced by Billy Ocean hitmaker Keith Diamond – featuring the hits “Object Of My Desire! and “What You Been Missin’.
Other key hits that followed include the feisty pop-funk top 10 R&B hit “He Wants My Body’ co- produced by Preston Glass (Aretha/Whitney) and slamming top 10 dance smash “I Want You – You Want Me’ produced by New Jack Swing superstar Teddy Riley (Bobby Brown/Michael Jackson).

Compiled and produced for SoulMusic Records by Adam Mattera, the set includes extensive career-spanning liner notes by UK music journalist Charles Waring plus top notch artwork from Roger Williams and excellent mastering by Donald Cleveland.

Track Listing:

1. Don’t Be So Serious
2. Put Your Love On Me
3. Somethin’ In Your Eyes
4. It’s So Delicious
5. Behind Your Back
6. Give Real Love A Try
7. I’m So Crazy ‘Bout You
8. I Got The Love
9. Let Go
Bonus Tracks
10. Don’t Be So Serious (Short Version)
11. It’s So Delicious (Dance Mix Edit)
12. Let Go (Edited Version)
13. It’s So Delicious (Dance Mix)
14. It’s So Delicious (Instrumental Dub)

IT!S ALL YOURS (Expanded Edition)
1. It’s All Yours
2. Am I Still The One
3. Satisfy Me Lover
4. Send Me A Letter
5. Breakout
6. This Is So Right
7. Use Me
8. Always On My Mind
Bonus Tracks
9. Breakout (Edit Version)
10. Am I Still The One (Edit Version)

RESTLESS (Expanded)
1. Object Of My Desire
2. One More Night
3. Emotions
4. See The Light
5. Till The End Of Time
6. Don!t Take Your Love Away
7. Restless
8. What You Been Missin!
Bonus Tracks
9. Object Of My Desire (Vocal/ Edit)
10. What You Been Missin’ (Vocal / Edit)
11. Restless (Vocal / Edit Of Remixed Version)
12. Till The End Of Time (Vocal / Edit)
13. Object Of My Desire (Vocal / 12” Version)
14. What You Been Missin’ (Vocal / Male Version)
15. Restless (Vocal / Extended Remixed Version)
16. Object Of My Desire (Instr)
17. Restless (Dub Version)

1. He Wants My Body
2. D.Y.B.O.
3. Prove It Tonight
4. Sensational
5. Another Night
6. The More We Love
7. Touch Of Your Love
8. Second Chance
Bonus Tracks
9. He Wants My Body (Vocal/ Edit)
10. D.Y.B.O. (Vocal / Edit)
11. The More We Love (Vocal/ Edited Version)
12. He Wants My Body (Vocal/ Extended Remix)
13. Another Night (Dub Version)
14. Touch Of Your Love (Vocal / Extended Remix)

1. Fresh Start
2. One Step Closer To Your Love
3. Tough Act To Follow
4. Say You Will
5. Hot To The Touch
6. Swept Away
7. After All Is Said And Done
8. Heart Attack
9. Park It
Bonus Tracks
10. Say You Will (Edit Of LP Version)
11. Tough Act To Follow (Edit Of LP Version)
12. Say You Will (Extended Version)
13. Fresh Start (Extended Version)
14. One Step Closer To Your Love (Extended Version)
15. Say You Will (Instrumental)

1. I Want You – You Want Me
2. Your Lover
3. Midnight Love
4. Have You Got What It Takes
5. When They Love You Back
6. I Don’t Need Another
7. Step By Step
8. True Love
Bonus Tracks
9. I Want You – You Want Me (Edit Version)
10. Midnight Love (Edit Version)
11. I Want You – You Want Me (Extended Version)
12. I Want You – You Want Me (Teddy’s House Mix)
13. I Want You – You Want Me (Def House Mix)
14. I Want You – You Want Me (Red Zone Mix)

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