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Artist: BB&Q Band
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B.B. & Q. Band – Genie

BB&Q Band – ‘Genie’ is the fourth, last and most successful album of BB&Q Band, originally released in 1985. In contrary to the earlier three albums, ‘Genie’ was written and produced by Kay Williams. This album contains 2 hits; ‘Genie’ (no. 40 on Billboards Top 40 in ’85) and “Dreamer” (no. 35 on Billboards Top 40 in ’86). In Europe ‘Genie’ and ‘Dreamer’ entered the hitlists in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK and Germany.

On this special edition of ‘Genie’ the best remixes have been included. Six bonustracks with remixes of Shep Pettibone and Ben Liebrand. For the first time on CD, this masterpiece of BB&Q Band!

This CD contains an artwork gadget. It has the original European cover (purple) and the original USA cover (grey/blue). If you unpack this CD, you can choose for yourself which cover and back you prefer!


01. Genie (6:02)
02. Main Attraction (5:43)
03. Won’t you be with me tonight (4:32)
04. Don’t force it (4:53)
05. Minutes Away (3:15)
06. On the shelf (5:14)
07. Dreamer (5:45)
08. Riccochet (4:10)

Bonus Tracks:
09. Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Long vocal version) (7:10)
10. Riccochet (Ben Liebrand Mix) (5:56)

11. Dreamer (Shep’s Dream Version) (6:06)

12. Main Attraction (The finest Remix) (6:37)

13. Dreamer (No. 1 Remix) (6:12)
14. Dreamer (Shep Pettibone / Short vocal version) (3:55)


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