Philadelphia International Records – The Collection


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Harold Melvin & The Bleu Notes – Harold Melvin & The Bleu Notes

01. I Miss You
02. Ebony Woman
03. Yesterday I Had the Blues
04. If You Don’t Know Me by Now
05. Be for Real
06. Let Me into Your World
07. Let It Be You
08. If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Live)


The O’Jays – Back Stabbers

01. When The Worlds At Peace Back Stabbers
02. Back Stabbers
03. Who Am I
04. (They Call Me) Mr. Lucky
05. Time To Get Down
06. 992 Arguments
07. Listen To The Clock On The Wall
08. Shiftless, Shady, Jealous Kind Of People
09. Sunshine
10. Love Train


Billy Paul – 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul

01. Brown baby
02. I’m just a prisoner
03. It’s too late
04. Me and mrs. jones
05. Am i black enough for you
06. Let’s stay together
07. Your song
08. I’m gonna make it this time


The Intruders – Save The Children

01. Save the children
02. Mother and child reunion
03. I wanne know your name
04. To be happy is the real thing
05. I’ll always love my mama
06. Memories are here to stay
07. Teardrops
08. Hang on in there


The Three Degrees – The Three Degrees

01. Dirty Ol’ Man
02. Can’t You See What You’re Doing To Me
03. A Woman Needs A Good Man
04. When Will I See You Again
05. I Didn’t Know
06. I Like Being A Woman
07. If And When
08. Year Of Decision


The O’Jays – Ship Ahoy

01. Put Your Hands Together
02. Ship Ahoy
03. This Air I Breathe
04. You Got Your Hooks In Me
05. For the Love of Money
06. Now That We Found Love
07. Don’t Call Me Brother
08. People Keep Tellin’ Me
09. Put Your Hands Together (Live Version)


MFSB – Love Is The Message

01. Zack’s Fanfare
02. Love Is the Message
03. Cheaper To Keep Her
04. My One and Only Love
05. TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)
(Theme from the television show Soul train) Featuring The Threee Degrees
06. Zack’s Fanfare
07. Touch Me In the Morning
08. Bitter Sweet


Bunny Sigler – Keep Smilin’

01. Shake Your Booty
02. Picture Us
03. Keep Smilin’
04. That’s How Long I’ll Be Loving You
05. I Lied
06. Things Are Gonna Get Better
07. Sweeter Than the Berry
08. Your Love Is Good
09. Somebody Free
10. Love Train


Harold Melvin & The Bleu Notes – Wake Up Everybody

01. Wake Up Everybody
02. Keep On Lovin’ You
03. You Know How To Make Me Feel So Good
04. Don’t Leave Me This Way
05. Tell The World How I Feel About ‘Cha Baby
06. To Be Free To Be Who We Are
07. I’m Searching For A Love


Lou Rawls – All Things In Time

01. You’re The One
02. You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine ver
03. Time
04. Groovy People
05. Need You Forever
06. From Now On
07. Pure Imagination ver
08. This Song Will Last Forever
09. Let’s Fall In Love All Over Again


Dexter Wansel – Life On Mars

01. A Prophet Named K.G.
02. Life On Mars
03. Together Once Again
04. Stargazer
05. One Million Miles From The Ground
06. You Can Be What You Wanna Be
07. Theme From The Planets
08. Rings Of Saturn


The Jacksons – The Jacksons

01. Enjoy Yourself
02. Think Happy
03. Good Times
04. Keep On Dancing
05. Blues Away
06. Show You the Way to Go
07. Living Together
08. Strength of One Man
09. Dreamer
10. Style of Life


Jean Carn – Jean Carn

01. Free Love
02. No Laughing Matter
03. I’m In Love Once Again
04. Don’t You Know
05. Love When You See It
06. Where Did You Ever Go
07. You Are All I Need
08. If You Wanna Go Back
09. You Got A Problem


Teddy Pendergrass – Teddy Pendergrass

01. You Can’t Hide From Yourself
02. Somebody Told Me
03. Be Sure
04. And If I Had
05. I Don’t Love You Anymore
06. The Whole Town’s Laughing At Me
07. Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy
08. The More I Get, The More I Want


Lou Rawls – When You Hear Lou, You’ve Heard It All

01. Lady Love
02. I Wish It Were Yesterday
03. One Life To Live
04. Dollar Green
05. Trade Winds
06. There Will Be Love
07. Unforgettable
08. That Would Do It For Me
09. If I Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda
10. Not The Staying Kind


Teddy Pendergrass – Life Is A Song Worth Singing

01. Life Is A Song Worth Singing
02. Only You
03. Cold, Cold World
04. Get Up, Get Down, Get Funky, Get Loose
05. Close The Door
06. It Don’t Hurt Now
07. When Somebody Loves You Back
08. Only You (Single Version)
09. Get Down, Get Funky (Disco Version)


The Jones Girls – The Jones Girls

01. This Feeling Is Killing Me
02. You Made Me Love You
03. Show Love Today
04. You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
05. Life Goes On
06. Who Can I Run To?
07. We’re A Melody
08. I’m At Your Mercy


Edwin Birdsong – Edwin Birdsong

01. Cola Bottle Baby
02. Phiss-Phizz
03. Kunta Dance
04. Lollipop
05. Goldmine
06. Freaky Deaky Sities
07. Autumn Eyes
08. Lollipop (Slow)


McFadden And Whitehead – McFadden And Whitehead

01. Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now
02. I’ve Been Pushed Aside
03. Mr. Music
04. Just Wanna Love You Baby
05. Got To Change
06. You’re My Someone To Love
07. I Got The Love
08. Do You Want To Dance


Patti Labelle – I’m In Love Again

01. I’m in love again
02. Lover man (oh, where can you be?)
03. Love, need and want you
04. If only you knew
05. Body language
06. I’ll never, never give up
07. Love bankrupt
08. When am i gonna find true love

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