Diana Ross – Supertonic Mixes (CD)


Following Miss Ross’s three No. 1 Club hits, a full album of classic songs turned “inside out”… Diana Ross over the last two years has scored four consecutive No. 1 Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart singles – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” “I’m Coming Out / Upside Down”, “The Boss,” and now “Love Hangover 2020.” This run is a history-making feat, as each track had been a No. 1 hit during its original release. Following Miss Ross’s four No. 1 Club hits comes a full album of classic songs turned “inside out.” Produced by Diana Ross, the album features mixes by Eric Kupper, who has a total of 120 Billboard No. 1’s. As she says in the album’s artwork, it’s “a special kind of Diana Ross magic.”

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1. I’m Coming Out / Upside Down
2. Love Hangover
3. The Boss
4. Surrender
5. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough
6. No One Gets the Prize
7. It’s My House
8. Touch Me In the Morning
9. Remember Me

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