Chic – Magnifique! – The Very Best Of Chic


A budget-priced set released in European territories, Magnifique!: The Very Best of Chic is a 37-track anthology that rounds up all the major Chic hits and digs into deep album cuts. It crams as many songs as possible into its two discs, so many of the group’s biggest singles — including “Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah),” “Le Freak,” “Everybody Dance,” “I Want Your Love,” and “My Feet Keep Dancing” — are present as abbreviated radio edits. That’s a major fault. Among the other significant cuts here are “Good Times,” “Real People,” “Chic Cheer,” and “Rebels Are We.”

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Chic – Magnifique! – The Very Best Of Chic

1. Chic Cheer
2. Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah) (Radio Edit)
3. Le Freak (Radio Edit)
4. Everybody Dance (Radio Edit)
5. Your Love (Radio Edit)
6. My Forbidden Lover
7. I Want Your Love (Radio Edit)
8. Soup For One
9. I Love You More
10. High
11. Happy Man
12. (Funny) Bone
13. Hagin’ (Radio Edit)
14. I Feel Your Love Comin’ On
15. Give Me the Lovin’
16. Believer
17. Something You Can Feel
18. Doin’ That Thing To Me
19. Megachic: The Chic Medley (Edit/Medley)


Chic – Magnifique! – The Very Best Of Chic

1. Open Up
2. Good Times
3. My Feet Keep Dancing (Radio Edit)
4. Why (Instrumental)
5. A Warm Summer Night
6. Sao Paolo
7. Tavern on the Green
8. You Can’t Do It Alone
9. Sometimes You Win
10. Rebels Are We (Radio Edit)
11. Real People
12. Stage Fright
13. Strike Up the Band
14. You Can Get By (Edit)
15. Savoir Faire
16. Take a Closer Look
17. What About Me
18. Chic Mystique (Roger S. Remix)

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