Glenn Jones – Finesse


Glenn’s voice has a very heavy gospel influence to it and when laid atop a soulful track it makes for a very unique sound. Glenn’s ability to adapt to whatever is put in front of him is tested on the Finesse recording as when asked to sing a song like LaLa Cope’s “Show Me” an R&B song that not too many vocalists could deliver, he excels. His vocals bridge the (small) gap between R&B and Gospel once again showing off his almost endless range.
Glenn Jones stunning 1984 album – Finesse, taken from the Original Master Tapes.

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  1. Finesse
  2. You’re The Only One I Want
  3. Show Me
  4. It Hurt’s Too Much
  5. Meet Me Halfway There
  6. Bring Back Your Love
  7. Everlasting Love
  8. On The Floor
  9. Finesse – Dance Mix
  10. I Am Somebody – Vocal Version
  11. I Am Somebody – Instrumental

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