T-Life – Somethin’ That You Do To Me (PTG CD)


Philly soul singer/songwriter/producer Theodore Life’s second album, Somethin’ That You Do to Me Keeps Turnin’ On wasn’t as rock-oriented as his first album, That’s Life, but it was no less eclectic. T-Life’s frequent collaborator George Andrews is on hand to supply his usual dazzling arrangements. The pumping, punchy horn-laced title track “Somethin’that you do to” me was a dance hit and the extended (not-available-to-retail) 12” version became a post-release collectible.

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Saxophonist Sam Peake weaves through the low-toned funky, atmospheric “Smokin’.” “Don’t Let This Be the Last Time” has player piano, almost show tune-like quality to it. The reggae-ish “Let Him Go” has beautiful, bombastic horns.The lovely, crystalline ballad “Don’t Wanna Be Lonely” has an exotic, oriental flavor. “Wouldn’t You Know” is funky while having striking vocal counterpoint.

Tracklist: T-life – Something That You Do To Me

1. Smokin’ 5:57
2. Somethin’ That You Do To Me (Keeps Turning Me On) 8:22 
3. Don’t Let This Be The Last Time 4:45
4. For Your Love 4:28
5. Let Him Go 5:47 
6. Don’t Wanna Be Lonely 5:08
7. I Can’t Stop Dancing 4:37
8. Wouldn’t You Know 4:17

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