Womack & Womack – Conscience (CD)


Husband and wife team Womack & Womack (he’s the brother to soul legend Bobby Womack and she’s the daughter to soul legend Sam Cooke) had massive hits with “Teardrops” and it’s more or less similar sounding follow up “Celebrate The World.” Track after track impacts, as on “Slave” where there is such a brooding tone and a haunting but sweet chorus and on “I Am Love” there’s a poetic litany of romantic love performed lovingly. The great songwriting skills and passionate soulful singing runs in the family. The musicianship is outstanding with real drums, real percussion, real bass and only very subtle synth which was very unusual for the late eighties. A timeless gem!

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1. Conscious of My Conscience
2. Mpb (Missin Person Bureau)
3. Friend (So Called)
4. Slave (Just For Love)
5. Teardrops #
6. Good Man Monologue
7. Life S Just a Ballgame
8. I Am Love
9. Celebrate the World

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