Roy Ayers – Gold (2-CD)


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Roy Ayers – Gold (2-CD)

The Gold series is something special. Quality is the key word. Nearly the best tracklist you can imagine on 2 CD’s, beautiful pictures and great liner notes and even better mastering. A five star compilation series and a 100% safe buy!

Check out all the 11 (!) great Gold series of: Roy Ayers, Donna Summer, Marvin Gaye, Stephanie Mills, Parliament, Jackson 5, The Commodores, James Brown, Kool & The Gang, The Supremes and a compilation of Motown Classics.


Roy Ayers – Gold (2-CD)

01. We Live In Brooklyn, Baby
02. Coffy Is The Color
03. Love From The Sun
04. Sweet Tears
05. Red, Black And Green
06. Pretty Brown Skin

07. The Boogie Back
08. A Tear To A Smile
09. The Old One Two
10. Life Is Just A Moment (Part 2)
11. Time And Space
12. The Black Five
13. Everybody Loves The Sunshine
14. The Memory
15. Hey Uh What You Say Come On
16. Running Away
17. Searching
18. Baby You Give Me A Feeling


Roy Ayers – Gold (2-CD)

01. The Third Eye
02. Everytime I See You
03. Sweet Tears (Disco Version)
04. Can’t You See Me 12”
05. No Deposits, No Returns
06. Love Will Bring Us Back Together Again
07. Fever
08. What You Won’t Do For Love
09. Thank You Thank You
10. Rock You Roll
11. Motherland Intro – Africa Centre Of The World
12. Africa, Centre Of The World (Kuti)
13. Destination Motherland
14. Land Of Fruit And Honey
15. Our Time Is Coming

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