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Kid Creole & the Coconuts spent the 1990s touring internationally and releasing albums primarily outside the U.S. To Travel Sideways and Kiss Me Before the Light Changes both appeared initially in Japan, though they found stateside release on a small label in 1995. The Conquest of You was released in Germany in 1997. (An American release on Fuel 2000 was scheduled for 1999, but did not occur.) In the U.S., the group appeared in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Kid Creole starred in the British musical Oh! What a Night, which ran in the West End from August to October 1999. A live album of the same name, which combined Kid Creole hits with renditions of some of the songs that appeared in the musical, was released in 2000. Too Cool to Conga!, a studio album, came out the following year. A full decade would past until Kid returned with 2011’s I Wake Up Screaming, released by the Strut label.

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1. The Lifeboat Party

2. Stool Pidgeion

3. Gina Gina

4. Annie, I’m Not Your Daddy

5. Me No Pop I

6. Latin Music

7. Off The Coast Of Me

8. I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby

9. Don’t Take Away My Coconuts

10. Imitation

11. Maladie D’ Amour

12. Dear Addy

13. There’s Something Wrong In Paradise

14. Back In The Field Again

15. I’m A Wonderful Thing, Baby

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