Dazz Band – Joystick / Jukebox (CD)


Digitally remastered two-fer containing a pair of albums by the R&B band on one disc. Beginning in 1983 with the release of Joystick, a tight ‘n funky collection of electro-etched dancers and beat ballads that had all the hallmarks of the evolving sound of the Dazz Band. In the former category the syncopated techno-funk funk “Swoop (I’m Yours)” was elevated to single status; the funky Rick James-sounding scratchy techsmart production juxtapose to the group’s characteristic harmonies from the past.

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Dazz Band – Joystick / Jukebox (CD)


  1. Dazz Band – To the Roof
  2. Dazz Band – Joystick
  3. Dazz Band – Swoop (I’m Yours)
  4. Dazz Band – Until You
  5. Dazz Band – Rock With Me
  6. Dazz Band – Straight Out of School
  7. Dazz Band – Now That I Have You
  8. Dazz Band – Laughin’ At You
  9. Dazz Band – T. Mata [Instrumental]
  10. Dazz Band – Let It All Blow
  11. Dazz Band – Keep You Comin’ Back For More
  12. Dazz Band – She’s the One
  13. Dazz Band – Heartbeat
  14. Dazz Band – Dream Girl
  15. Dazz Band – Undercover Lover
  16. Dazz Band – I’ve Been Waiting
  17. Dazz Band – Main Attraction
  18. Dazz Band – So Much Love

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