Marvin Gaye – You’re The Man (CD)


You’re The Man is an album by Marvin Gaye, released in 2019. You’re The Man includes a.o. the following tracks: “You’re The Man”, “Piece Of Clay”, “My Last Chance”, “Symphony” and more. The album is a soul CD.

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1. You’re the Man
2. The World is Rated X
3. Piece of Clay
4. Where Are We Going?
5. I’m Gonna Give You Respect
6. Try It, You’ll Like It
7. You Are That Special One
8. We Can Make It Baby
9. My Last Chance
10. Symphony
11. I’d Give My Life For You
12. Woman of the World
13. Christmas In the City
14. You’re the Man
15. I Want To Come Home For Christmas
16. I’m Going Home
17. Checking Out (Double Clutch)

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