Sheila E. Romance 1600 (CD)


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“Romance 1600” is the second album by the singer-drummer-percussionist Sheila E. On this album Prince contributed some backing vocals, guitar, and bass guitar, and co-wrote/co-produced “A Love Bizarre”, a 12-minute epic that became a major hit. The album itself had many tracks that were personal and which help to support the embodiment of the thematic faux-French Renaissance episodic adventure that the lead single’s video and the album art intended to set up for the listening audience. During her break, she received a lot of media exposure, including appearing in the film Krush Groove, in which she performed “A Love Bizarre” and “Holly Rock”. She had also performed for a wide audience as an act on Prince and The Revolution’s Purple Rain Tour. “A Love Bizarre” was the album’s most successful single.

“Romance 1600” by Sheila E. includes the following tracks: “A Love Bizarre”, “Yellow”, “Merci For The Speed Of A Mad Clown In Summer” and more.

1. Sister Fate
2. Dear Michaelangelo
3. A Love Bizarre
4. Toy Box
5. Yellow
6. Romance 1600
7. Merci For the Speed of a Mad Clown In Summer
8. Bedtime Story

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