Mastercuts Legends – J. Brown, H. Hancock and Q. Jones (3CD)

Mastercuts Legends – J. Brown, H. Hancock and Q. Jones (3CD)


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Mastercuts Legends – James Brown, Hebrie Hancock and Quincy Jones

Artiest: James Brown
01. It’s a Man’s Man’s World
02. Make It Funky
03. Give It Up or Turn It Loose
04. Gonna Have a Funky Good Time (Doing It to Death)
05. Cold Sweat
06. Everybody Got a Thang
07. It’s Too Funky in Here
08. God Gave Me This
09. Georgia on My Mind
10. Hot Pants
11. Spread Love
12. I Got the Feelin’
13. Body Heat
14. Please Please Please
15. I Got You (I Feel Good)


Artiest: Herbie Hancock
01. Afro Boogie
02. Bunia
03. Out of This World (A.K. A ‘T.C. B with Herbie’ and ‘Live and Awake)
04. Kamili
05. Far Cut
06. Kawaida
07. Scoochie
08. Mr Lucky Theme (A.K. A ‘Rock Your Soul’)
09. Baraka
10. Witch Fire
11. Hot & Heavy
12. Curros’ (Jammin’ with Herbie)
13. Day Dream (A.K. A ‘Night Walkers’ and ‘Soul Power’)
14. Bird House (A.K. A ‘Herbie’s Blues’)
15. Hot Piano


Artiest: Quincy Jones
01. Watermelon Man
02. Take Five
03. Walk on the Wild Side
04. Bossa Nova
05. Stormy Weather
06. Back at the Chicken Shack
07. Abstractions
08. Osie’s Oasis
09. Don’t Bug Me, Hug Me
10. Gerry Old Man
11. Ondine
12. Exodus
13. Gravy Waltz
14. The Jones Rash
15. Cast Your Fate to the Wind

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