Instant Funk – The Albums 1976-1983 (5CD)


5CD box set of the complete album releases by soul, funk and disco band Instant Funk. Plus bonus tracks of 12″ and 7″ versions of key repertoire.

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• Including the albums ‘Get Down With The Philly Jump’, ‘Instant Funk’, ‘Witch Doctor’, ‘The Funk Is On’, ‘Looks So Fine’, ‘V’ and ‘Kinky’.

• Featuring all of the big floor fillers including ‘I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)’, ‘It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky)’, ‘Philly Jump’, ‘Witch Doctor’, ‘No Stoppin’ That Rockin’’, ‘Bodyshine’ plus many, many more.

• With comprehensive sleeve notes by Charles Waring who writes for MOJO and Record Collector magazines.

Instant Funk started life as Bunny Sigler’s backup band, who recommended them to Philadelphia International; they recorded one album for the label ‘Get Down With The Philly Jump’, which is a rarity on CD. The band then made a quick but smart move to Salsoul Records where they instantly delivered their #1 R&B Single and Anthem ‘I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)’ which topped the chart for three weeks. If you missed out on Instant Funk the first time around and loved the music from that era, then this package is for you; 65 funk-fuelled dance tracks, that bring the disco era of the late 70s and early 80s vividly back to life.

CD1: Get Down With The Philly Jump
01 It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky)
02 The Mack Is Back
03 Philly Jump
04 Give Me Your Love
05 I Know Where You’re Coming From
06 Hup Two, Hup Two (Get in Line, Say Get in Line)
07 So Glad I’m the One
08 Funky Africa
09 We Can Work It Out
10 Go for Yourself
Bonus Tracks
11 Float Like a Butterfly, Part I
12 Float Like a Butterfly, Part II
13 It Ain’t Reggae (But It’s Funky) – 7″ Version

CD2: Instant Funk
01 I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl)
02 Crying
03 Never Let It Go Away
04 Don’t You Wanna Party
05 Wide World Of Sports
06 Dark Vader
07 You Say You Want Me To Stay
08 I’ll Be Doggone Bonus Tracks
09 I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) (7″ Version)
10 Crying (7″ Version)
11 I Got My Mind Made Up (You Can Get It Girl) (Special 12″ Disco Version)

CD3: Witch Doctor
01 Slap, Slap, Lickedy Lap
02 Witch Doctor
03 I Had A Dream
04 Bodyshine
05 It’s Your Love On My Mind
06 I Want To Love You
07 Scream And Shout Bonus Tracks
08 Slap, Slap, Lickedy Lap (7″ Version)
09 Witch Doctor (7″ Version)
10 Bodyshine (7″ Version)

CD4:The Funk Is On & Looks So Fine – The Funk Is On
01 The Funk Is On
02 Everybody
03 You Want My Love
04 Funk-N-Roll
05 It’s Cool
06 What Can I Do For You
07 Can You See Where I’m Coming From
08 You’re Not Getting Older
Looks So Fine
09 Looks So Fine
10 Why Don’t You Think About Me
11 Slam Dunk The Funk
12 Gotta Like That
13 Jumpin’ To Conclusions
14 Give It To You Baby
15 Punk Rockin’

CD5: V & Kinky V
01 No Stoppin’ That Rockin’
02 Who Took Away The Funk
03 Hard Days Night
04 You’re Gonna Get Yours
05 Easy Come Easy Go
06 Smack Dab In The Middle
07 Blazin’
08 I’ll Be Good To You
09 (Just Because) You’ll Be Mine
10 Tonight We’re Gonna Make Love
11 Kinky
12 Don’t Call Me Brother
13 Let’s Make Love
14 Passion
15 Keep It Up
16 Funkiest Party In The World

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