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This 4 CD clam shell box set features every A and B-side they issued on the seminal RAK Records label, all 36 singles.

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Dance / Soul – Clamshell Box, Box Set

• With 12 UK Top 10 singles, 29 Top 40 hits and a combined 280 weeks (over 5 years!) in the UK charts Hot Chocolate are one of THE most successful chart acts of all time

• This 4 CD clam shell box set features every A and B-side they issued on the seminal RAK Records label, all 36 singles

• ‘So You Win Again’ was the band’s sole No.1 single but they scored Top 10 hits with ‘Love Is Life’ (No.6), ‘I Believe In Love’ (No.8), ‘Brother Louie’ (No.7), ‘Emma’ (No.3), ‘A Child’s Prayer’ (No.7), ‘You Sexy Thing’ (No.2), ‘Put Your Love In Me’ (No.10), ‘No Doubt About It’ (No.2), ‘Girl Crazy’ (No.7), ‘It Started With A Kiss’ (No.5) and ‘What Kinda Boy You’re Lookin’ For Girl’ (No.10)

Hot Chocolate chalked up at least one hit single every year between 1970 and 1984, a rare achievement and they are among the Top 200 most successful UK chart artists of all time.

Unlike many UK ‘pop’ acts of the day they scored chart success in the USA where ‘Emma’ (No.3), ‘Disco Queen’ (No.28), ‘You Sexy Thing’ (No.3), ‘So You Win Again’ (No.31), and ‘Every 1’s A Winner’ (No.6) were all Billboard Top 40 hits.

24 of these singles were also chart entries in Germany while eight of them went Top 20 in Australia, the band scoring hits across most of Europe as well.
The booklet comes complete with detailed notes on each single by 1970s expert Phil Hendriks and is fully illustrated with sleeves from across the globe


01. Love is Life
02. Pretty Girls
03. You Could’ve Been a Lady
04. Everybody’s Laughing
05. I Believe (In Love) 6 Caveman Billy
06. Mary-Anne
07. Ruth
08. You’ll Always Be a Friend
09. Go Go Girl
10. Brother Louie
11. I Want To Be Free
12. Rumours
13. A Man Needs a Woman
14. Emma
15. Makin’ Music
16. Changing World
17. Bump and Dilly Down


01. Cheri Babe
02. Sexy Lady
03. Blue Night
04. You Sexy Thing (B-Side Version)
05. Disco Queen
06. You’re a Natural High
07. A Child’s Prayer
08. Everything Should Be Funky
09. You Sexy Thing
10. A Warm Smile
11. Don’t Stop It Now
12. Beautiful Lady
13. Man To Man
14. Eyes of a Growing Child
15. Heaven is In the Back Seat of My Cadillac
16. Sex Appeal
17. So You Win Again
18. A Part of Being With You


01. Put Your Love In Me
02. Let Them Be the Judge
03. Every 1’s a Winner
04. Power of Love
05. I’ll Put You Together Again (From Dear Anyone)
06. West End of Park Lane
07. Mindless Boogie
08. Don’t Turn It Off
09. Going Through the Motions
10. Stay With Me
11. No Doubt About It
12. Gimme Some of Your Loving
13. Are You Getting Enough of What Makes You Happy?
14. I’ve Got You On My Mind
15. Love Me To Sleep
16. The Girl is a Fox
17. Losing You
18. Children of Spacemen


You’ll Never Be So Wrong
Robot Love
Girl Crazy
Bed Games
It Started With a Kiss
Emotion Explosion
A Night To Remember
What Kinda Boy You’re Lookin’ For (Girl)
Got To Get Back To Work
Tears On the Telephone
It’s My Birthday
I’m Sorry
Love is a Good Thing
I Gave You My Heart (Didn’t I)
Heartache No. 9
One Life

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