Heatwave – Gold (3CD)


Crimson presents Heatwave ‘Gold ’’, the only Heatwave compilation you’ll ever need. Heatwave are a British funk and disco band formed in 1975. The group arrived on the scene with their debut album ‘TOO HOT TOO HANDLE’ in 1976.

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The album featured Heatwave’s first hit single ‘Boogie Nights’ which charted at #2 in both the US and UK and was the first in a string of hit records for the group. Heatwave’s influential funk disco sound led to member Rod Temperton working on tracks for Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ album and later writing the iconic ‘Thriller’. This new compilation features tracks from across Heatwave’s career including all of the hit singles and a third CD of disco mixes.

CD 1

1. Boogie Nights
2. Ain’t No Half Steppin’
3. Too Hot To Handle
4. Always and Forever
5. The Groove Line
6. Eyeballin’
7. Super Soul Sister
8. Mind Blowing Decisions
9. Razzle Dazzle
10. Central Heating
11. Party Poops
12. Slip Your Disc To This
13. One Night Tan
14. Turn Out the Lamplight
15. Happiness Togetherness
16. All You Do is Dial
17. Raise a Blaze
18. Put the Word Out

CD 2

1. Gangsters of the Groove
2. Lettin’ It Loose
3. Jitterbuggin’
4. The Big Guns
5. Thermwarfare
6. The Star of a Story
7. Turn Around
8. Goin’ Crazy
9. All Talked Out
10. Dreamin’ You
11. Birthday
12. Look After Love
13. Where Did I Go Wrong
14. Find It In Your Heart
15. Posin’ ‘Tilclosin’
16. Disco

CD 3

1. The Groove Line (the Mike Maurro Remix)
2. Boogie Nights (the Mike Maurro Remix)
3. Too Hot To Handle (the Mike Maurro Remix)
4. Always and Forever (the Mike Maurro Remix)
5. Mind Blowing Decisions (12″ Disco Version)
6. Ain’tno Half Steppin’ (Album Version)
7. Eyeballin’ (12″ Version)
8. Gangsters of the Groove (12″ Version)
9. Turn Around (Single Version)
10. Lettin’ It Loose (12″ Version)
11. The Groove Line (12″ Disco Version)

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