Dionne Warwick – Original Album Classics (5CD BOX)


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1. I’ll Never Love This Way Again
2. After You
3. Feeling Old Feelings
4. Deja Vu
5. The Letter
6. In Your Eyes
7. All the Time
8. My Everlasting Love
9. Out of My Hands
10. Who, What, When, Where, Why


1. Easy Love
2. No Night So Long
3. It’s the Falling In Love
4. When the World Runs Out of Love
5. We Never Said Goodbye
6. How You Once Loved Me
7. Reaching For the Sky
8. Sweetie Pie
9. Somebody’s Angel
10. We Had This Time
11. Dedicate This Heart
12. This Time is Ours
13. Only Heaven Can Wait (For Love)


1. For You
2. Friends In Love
3. Never Gonna Let You Go
4. Can’t Hide Love
5. Betcha By Golly Wow
6. More Than Fascination
7. Got You Where I Want You
8. With a Touch
9. What is This
10. A Love So Right


1. Heartbreaker
2. It Makes No Difference
3. Yours
4. Take the Short Way Home
5. Misunderstood
6. All the Love In the World
7. I Can’t See Anything (But You)
8. Just One More Night
9. You Are My Love
10. Our Day Will Come


1. Got a Date
2. So Amazing
3. I Do It Cause I Like
4. How Many Times Can We Say Goodbye
5. What Can a Miracle Do
6. Two Ships Passing In the Night
7. I Can Let Go Now
8. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

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