Dionne Warwick – Sure Thing – The Warner Bros. Recordings 1972-1977 (6CD BOX)


Deluxe 6CD box set focuses on the Warner Bros. Records’ catalogue by the iconic Donne Warwick.
Featuring 85 tracks, this stellar collection highlights the legendary singer’s critically acclaimed five albums with Warner Brothers, released between 1972 and 1977.

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1. I Just Have To Breathe
2. The Balance of Nature
3. If You Never Say Goodbye
4. Close To You
5. My First Night Alone Without You
6. Be Aware
7. Love Song
8. One Less Bell To Answer
9. If We Only Have Love
10. Hasbrook Heights


1. You’re Gonna Need Me
2. I Think You Need Love
3. You Are the Heart of Me
4. I Always Get Caught In the Rain
5. Don’t Let My Teardrops Bother You
6. (I’m) Just Being Myself
7. Come Back
8. Don’t Burn the Bridge (That Took You Across)
9. Too Far Out of Reach
10. It Hurts Me So
11. I Think You Need Love (Single Edit)
12. Don’t Let My Teardrops Bother You (Single Edit)
13. (I’m) Just Being Myself (Single Edit)
14. You’re Gonna Need Me (Single Edit)


1. We Need To Go Back (Extended Version) (Previously Unreleased
2. Omeone Else Gets the Prize
3. We Need To Go Back
4. You Are the Sunlight, I Am the Moon
5. The Laughter and the Tears
6. Give a Little Laughter
7. Seeing You Again
8. Loving You is Just an Old Habit
9. Best Thing That Ever Happened
10. You Are a Song
11. The Need To Be
12. In Between the Heartaches
13. Don’t Say I Didn’t Tell You So
14. And Then You Know What He Did
15. And Then He Walked Right Through the Door
16. Plastic City


1. Take It From Me
2. We’ll Burn Our Bridges Behind Us
3. Sure Thing
4. Dionne Warwick & the Spinners: Then Came You
5. How Can I Tell Him
6. Move Me No Mountain
7. I Can’t Wait To See My Baby’s Face
8. It’s Magic
9. Who Knows
10. Getting In My Way
11. Meant To Be
12. Dionne Warwick and the Spinners: Just As Long As We Have Lov


1. Track of the Cat
2. His House and Me
3. Ronnie Lee
4. World of My Dreams
5. Jealousy
6. This is Love
7. Love Me One More Time
8. Once You Hit the Road
9. One Last Memory
10. I Found Someone Else
11. Once You Hit the Road (12′ Single Special Disco Mix)
12. World of My Dreams (Edit)
13. Once You Hit the Road (Edit)
14. His House and Me (Edit)
15. I Didn’t Mean To Love You (Edit)


1. He’s Not For You
2. I Didn’t Mean To Love You
3. I’ll Never Make It Easy
4. Am I Too Late
5. Rest Your Love On Me
6. Make a Little Love To Me
7. Keep Me Warm
8. Keepin’ My Head Above Water
9. Love In the Afternoon
10. A Long Way To Go
11. Do I Have To Cry
12. Don’t Ever Take Your Love Away
13. One Thing On My Mind
14. Early Morning Strangers
15. Livin’ It Up is Starting To Get Me Down
16. Since You Stayed Here
17. Do You Believe In Love At First Sight
18. Don’t Ever Take Your Love Away (Edit)
19. Room Enough

With four of the albums are expanded with a total of 24 bonus tracks including single edits and rarities.

Plus a first-ever compilation disc of 16 additional bonus tracks, featuring all the non-album recordings she made with various producers in 1973 and 1974. ‘You Are A Song’ is named after one of seven tracks from sessions with producer Tony Camillo, marking their first official Warner Music Group CD release.

Also included is a previously unreleased extended version of ‘We Need To Go Back’ produced by Ashford & Simpson.

‘Sure Thing’ captures Dionne’s array of recordings for Warner Brothers, acknowledged as an often-overlooked yet musically satisfying bridge between her stunning decade of classic hits with Scepter Records in the 60s and the 20-years-plus documented fully on the ‘Déjà Vu: The Arista Recordings’ 12CD SoulMusic Records box set.

Key tracks and highlights include ‘Then Came You,’ Dionne’s chart-topping 1974 hit duet with The Spinners and ‘Just As Long As We Have Love,’ the single’s much-loved ‘B’ side; ‘You’re Gonna Need Me’ from the Holland-Dozier-Holland-produced LP, ‘Just Being Myself,’ sampled by global hitmaker Usher on ‘Throwback’ in 2004; a rare 12” special disco mix of the Thom Bell- produced ‘Once You Hit The Road’; and rare groove favourite ‘Move Me No Mountain,’ from Dionne’s recordings with Jerry Ragovoy.

Compiled and co-produced for SoulMusic Records by label founder David Nathan and Joe Marchese of The Second Disc, this beautifully crafted set includes Marchese’s extensive career- spanning liner notes with quotes from previously unpublished interviews with Dionne, Burt Bacharach, Thom Bell and Brian Holland; a sequential sessionography; stunning artwork from John Sellards (including the cover for ‘You Are The Song’) and excellent mastering by Nick Robbins from digital sources provided by Warner Brothers.

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