Oliver Cheatham – Saturday Night (PTG CD)

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Oliver Cheatham is an American singer, born 1948 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. After two albums for the group Oliver, Cheatham signed for MCA as an solo artist.

In 1983 Cheatham scored his biggest hit ‘Get Down Saturday Night’ (#38 UK, #37 R&B Billboard). The album ‘Saturday Night’ is produced by Al Perkins and Cheatham worked on this album together with Al Hudson from One Way.

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Oliver Cheatham – Saturday Night

The follow up single was the solid mid-tempo groover ‘Bless the Ladies’, but it wasn’t that successful as his first single. The album has strong tracks as ‘Make Up Your Mind’; a smooth dancetrack, ‘Something About You’; has a playful feel of Alicia Myers ‘You get the best from me’ and strong ballads as ‘Through It All’ and ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.

After his success with ‘Get down Saturday Night’, Cheatham scored more hits and successful duets e.g. with Jocelyn Brown on ‘Somebody Else’s Guy’.

In 2003 Oliver made a successful surprise-appearance with the band Room 5 with ‘Make Luv’, which was based on his “Get Down Saturday Night’. Due to the massive success (# 1 European single chart) he went touring and visited, as in the eighties, again many many clubs!

For the first time ever now available on CD!
Executive Producer: Al Perkins


01. Get Down Saturday Night (6:26)
02. Make Your Mind Up (4:16)
03. Something About You (4:35)
04. Bless The Ladies (4:12)
05. Do Me Right (4:25)
06. Never Gonna Give You Up (3:48)
07. Through It All (4:19)
08. Just To Be With You (5:58)
09. Get Down Saturday Night (Special Extended version)

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