Tracklist 1

1. I Just Wanna Say I Love You(John Luongo Remix)
2. What About Love(Tony Gioe Remix)
3. Ten Percent(Walter Gibbons Edit)
4. Inside America(Rick Gianatos Disco Queen Acetate Edit)
5. Dancing Free(John Luongo Remix)
6. Black Water Gold(Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit)
7. Magic Bird Of Fire(Francois Kevorkian Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit)
8. Good For The Soul(Jay Negron Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit)
9. My Love Is Free(Walter Gibbons Disco Madness Remix)
10. Reaching Out For Happiness(Jonathan Fearing Remix)
11. The Beat Goes On And On(Jim Burgess Remix)

Tracklist 2

1. Let Me Be Your Fantasy(Tom Savarese Remix)
2. Love Has Come My Way(Jim Burgess Remix)
3. I Wanna Be Near You(John Morales Sunshine Sound Acetate Edit)
4. I’ve Been Looking For Somebody(Walter Gibbons Remix)
5. The Disco Scene(Rick Gianatos Remix)
6. Bumpsie’s Whipping Cream(Tom Savarese Remix)
7. Janice(Bobby DJ Guttadaro Remix)
8. My Number’s Up(Tee Scott Remix)
9. The Love Bug(David Todd Remix)
10. L.A. Sunshine(Robert Ouimet Remix)

Tracklist 3

1. Handsome Man(Bobby DJ Guttadaro Remix)
2. Love Thang(Tee Scott Remix)
3. Burn Me Up(Jellybean Benitez Edit)
4. Love Is The Message(Tee Scott Remix)
5. Changes(Jellybean Benitez Remix)
6. J’ouvert(Frank Sestito Remix)
7. By The Way You Dance(Bobby DJ Guttadaro Remix)
8. It’s Good For The Soul(Walter Gibbons Mix)
9. It’s A Better Than Good Time(Walter Gibbons Remix)

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