Roy Ayers – Feeling Good (PTG CD)


Artist: Roy Ayers
Label: PTG Records
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Tracklist: Roy Ayers – Feeling Good

01. Fire Up The Funk 5:18
02. Let’s Stay Together 5:18
03. Ooh 4:16
04. Our Time Is Coming 5:30
05. Turn Me Loose 5:37
06. Knock, Knock 4:39
07. Stairway To The Stars 4:59
08. Feeling Good 4:21

Over the years Roy Ayers composed and produced music in collaborations with many major artists, and is currently one of the most sampled artists in the music industry. Roy Ayers has managed to incorporate his jazz virtuosity, with driving funk, melodic rhythms and stirring vocals into an amalgam that almost defies its description as ‘smooth jazz’.

To date Roy Ayers has released numerous LP’s and CDs and still there are many to come. From his vinyl releases of the seventies and early eighties many have not been released on CD yet. We at PTG Records are now actively trying to re-issue a couple of these gems on CD. Many of his fans are for many years trying to get his earlier releases but they all went out of print.

So we are very proud to present here to you one of Roy’s last releases on Polydor the album ‘Feeling Good’. Perhaps a bit confused as to which direction the music should go, but still with some wonderful moments, as always! The album contains funky cuts like ‘Fire Up The Funk’ and ‘Our Time Is Coming’ really nice funky stuff but also mellow cuts still have that wonderful spacey quality that Roy virtually pioneered in soul and songs like ‘Ooh’, ‘Let’s stay together’, ‘Feeling good’ and ‘Stairway to the stars’ are very strong smooth jazz tracks. But ‘Feeling good’ also features the very commercial singalong track like ‘Knock Knock’.

Roy Ayers is, without question a legend, in his own time.

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