Disco Recharge: James Wells – My Claim To Fame / Explosion



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Disco Recharge: My Claim To Fame / Explosion

01. My Claim To Fame
02. I Guess That’s Life
03. That’s The Way The Wind Blows
04. True Love Is My Destiny
05. Baby I’m Still The Same Man
06. All I Ever Need Is Music
07. If You Lead Me Into Temptation
08. Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
09. My Days Are Numbered
10. Never Let Go
11. No Cure For Me


Disco Recharge: My Claim To Fame / Explosion

01. Explosion
02. More To Me Than Meets The Eye
03. Double Dose Of Love
04. There’s Nothing Sweeter Than Success
05. A Case Of Mistaken Identity
06. Double Dose Of Love
07. R.S.V.P. (duet with Susan Wells)
08. Mirror Image (duet with Susan Wells)
09. Love’s The Cure For Me (duet with Susan Wells)
10. Great Minds Think Alike

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