Bootsy Collins – What’s Bootsy Doin’? (CD)


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Who helped funky-fie the nation with James Brown and George Clinton? That’s right, Bootsy done it. ‘What’s Bootsy Doing?’ is a 1988 comeback album after a six years hiatus for one of the greatest bass players that ever lived. This is William ‘Bootsy’ Collins at his finest!! The music on this album were not just good, but totally refined and polished!!

A hybrid of rock, funk and a little spacy dubs. This album reunites Bootsy with former P-Funk players Bernie Worrell, Fred Wesley and Gary “Mudd Bone” Cooper, and also features newcomers including Mico Wave, Pretty Fatt and Moma Collins. With songs like “Party On Plastic”, a real funk favorite and “Subliminal Seduction” Bootsy will shake your booty real hard.

01. Party On Plastic (What’s Bootsy Doin’)
02. Subliminal Seduction(Funk Me Dirty)
03. Leakin’
04. Shock-It-To-Me
05. 1st One 2 the Egg Wins(the Human Race)
06. Love Song
07. (I Wanna Bee)Kissin’u
08. Ing the ‘Luv Gun’
09. Yo-Moma-Loves-Ya
10. Save What’s Mine For Me

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