Solar – The Ultimate 12″ Collection (PTG CD)



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SOLAR – The Ultimate 12″ Collection

S.O.L.A.R. Records (acronym for Sounds of Los Angeles Records) was an American record label founded in 1977 by Dick Griffey, which quickly became one of the most important disco, R&B, and dance music imprints of the late 1970s and 1980s.

Shalamar would become the fledgling label’s centerpiece. Shalamar were, in fact, the label’s best selling and most influential act; scoring nearly 20 hit singles and classics such as: “Right in the Socket”, “There It Is”, “Second Time Around”, “Make That Move”, “A Night to Remember” and “Dead Giveaway”.

The “SOLAR sound” was a collective effort, with artists working on each other’s sessions and artists encouraged to be creative. Sylvers was the producer behind the trademark SOLAR sound: funky, progressive dance music infused with soul and disco.

The SOLAR success story was by no means confined to one act, several artists enjoyed success, including: Dynasty, Klymaxx, the Whispers, Lakeside, Midnight Star, Calloway, Carrie Lucas, Collage and the Deele, which introduced singer/songwriter/producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and future music executive Antonio “L.A.” Reid.

This unique 2-CD compilation brings you the ultimate 12 inch collection of the label SOLAR. All the SOLAR artists are included with their best 12 inch recordings!


SOLAR – The Ultimate 12″ Collection

01. Midnight Star – Midas Touch (6:31)
02. Carrie Lucas – Show me where you’re coming from (5:48)
03. Shalamar – There it is (6:19)
04. The Whispers – No pain no gain (5:51)
05. Shalamar – Over and over (4:34)
06. Dynasty – I don’t wanna be a freak, but I can’t help myself (7:21)
07. Lakeside – It’s all the way live (7:07)
08. Collage – Romeo where’s Juliet? (7:01)
09. Midnight Star – Freak-A-Zoid (8:30)
10. The Deele – Street beat (7:55)


SOLAR – The Ultimate 12″ Collection

01. Shalamar – A night to remember (US Extended Remix) (7:17)
02. The Whispers – Rock steady (5:09)
03. Dynasty – Love in the fast lane (4:48)
04. Midnight Star – Scientific Love (6:18)
05. The Sylvers – Come back lover, Come back (5:01)
06. Collage – Winners and loser (4:30)
07. Carrie Lucas – Dance with you (6:30)
08. Leroy Hutson – Classy Lady (5:29)
09. Lakeside – One minute after midnight (4:43)
10. Bill Wolfer – Call me (3:56)

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