Blank & Jones: So80s Presents Hubert Kah


Artist: Blank & Jones
Label: Soulfood
Sort: Compilation CD
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Barcode: 0814281010128

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Blank & Jones: So8Os Presents Hubert Kah

1. Rosemarie (Special Maxi Version)
2. Sternenhimmel (Special Maxi Version)
3. Einmal nur mit Erika (Special Maxi Version)
4. Engel 07 (Extended Version)
5. Wenn der Mond die Sonne berührt (Extended Version) [Reconstructed by Blank & Jones]
6. Goldene Zeiten (Extended Version)
7. Solo Tu (Extended Version) [Reconstructed by Blank & Jones]
8. Limousine (Extended Version)
9. Something I Should Know (Extended Remix)
10. Military Drums (Extended Version)
11. Welcome, Machine Gun (Extended Version)
12. So Many People (Extended Version)
13. It’s Me, Cathy (Follow My Heart) [Club Version]
14. The Picture (Francois Kevorkian 12″ Remix)
15. Limousine (American Edit)
16. Angel 07 (Alternative Remix)
17. Solo Tu (English Version)
18. Suzanne (English Version)
19. Isn’t It Lovely (English Version of “Goldene Zeiten”) [Extended Version]
20. Military Drums (Dance Edit)
21. So Many People (Backdoor Mix)
22. The Picture (English Version of “Wenn der Mond die Sonne berührt”)
23. Angel 07 (Rock Remix)
24. Welcome, Machine Gun (Dub Version)
25. So Many People (Dub Mix)
26. Something I Should Know (Single Remix)
27. Goldene Zeiten (Single Mix)
28. Limousine (American Re-Mix)
29. Midnight Sun

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