Mtume – Prime Time: The Epic Anthology


Prime Time: The Epic Anthology,” from the pioneering funk/R&B band Mtume, featuring the group’s eleven US charted singles including the classic, ‘Juicy Fruit’ along with selected album cuts from the team’s five Epic LPs as well as three bonus tracks from the sole solo album by female lead vocalist, Tawatha.

Release date: 4-5-2017

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Prime Time: The Epic Anthology

Tracklist 1

1. Just Funnin’
2. Kiss the World Goodbye
3. Closer I Get to You
4. Funky Constellation
5. This Is Your World
6. Closer to the End
7. Love Lock
8. Give It On Up (If You Want To)
9. We’re Gonna Make It This Time
10. Mrs. Sippi
11. Anticipatin’
12. So You Wanna Be a Star
13. You Can’t Wait for Love
14. Everything Good to Me
15. Green Light
16. Would You Like Me to (Fool Around)
17. Juicy Fruit

Tracklist 2

1. After Six Mix (Juicy Fruit, Pt. II) aka Juicy Fruit, Pt. II (Reprise)
2. You, Me and He [Polygamy Mix]
3. Sweet for You and Me [Monogamy Mix]
4. It’s Non-Functional
5. C.O.D. (I’ll Deliver)
6. I Simply Like
7. Prime Time
8. Tie Me Up
9. P.O.P. (Pursuits of Pleasure) Generation
10. Breathless [A&G Mix]
11. Body and Soul (Take Me)
12. No More Tears
13. Thigh High Mix [Dub Mix]
14. Did I Dream You
15. Mtume – Juicy Fruit [Vocal Remix]

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