Tracklist: Charles Earland – Coming To You Live

1. Cornbread 5:08
2. Take Me To Heaven 7:18
3. Good Question 5:25
4. I Will Never Tell You 6:15
5. Zee Funkin’ Space 5:00
6. It’s The Women In You 4:35
7. Coming To You Live 6:15
8. Spend The Night With Me 3:42

“Coming to you live” is a reissue of a massively in demand 1980s soul/funk classic from the “Mighty Burner”. Originally soul-jazz organist, Earland turned his hand to a more disco/funk sound later in his career. It is one of Charles Earland’s sweet albums from his years at Columbia Records – done in a mode that’s much more R&B than his earliest work, but in a great style for sure. The title track “Coming To You Live” is a seriously classy slice of soul heaven with layers of funky slap bass, horns and silky smooth vocals from Earland’s wife Sheryl Kendricks – pure dancefloor dynamite!

The album is greatly helped out by arrangements from Tom Washington, Weldon Irvine, and Marcus Miller – all great talents for mixing soul into Earland’s jazzier keyboards – yet in a way that still keeps all of the best elements intact! But also listen to the soulful “I Will Never Tell” with its beautiful breathy vocals and masterful organ work, truly a great song. Most of the tracks feature vocals, but in a gently soulful way that glides in nicely alongside the keys – and speaking of keys, Charles plays Fender Rhodes and Arp here in addition to his usual organ.

This re-issue album is digitally remastered from original mastertape.

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