O’Jays – Playlist: The Very Best Of


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O’Jays – The Very Best Of (Playlist)

At the start the Seventies, a blast of seismic porportions shook Sigma Studios to its very foundations when the The O’jays recorded “Back Stabbers”.

The production team of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff had, in the words of the late music scholar robert Palmer. “found their true voice.” The hits came one after another.

The grooves, the lyrics-now romantic, now political, now spirtual, now whimsical-and the orchestrations, especially the high vocal dramatics, were pitched to perfection.

In an era of remarkable masterworks by marvin gaye, Stevie wonder, Curtis Mayfield, Issac Hayes and Donny Hathaway, no one overshadowed The O’Jays when it came to pure power


O’Jays – The Very Best Of (Playlist)

01. Back Stabbers
02. 992 Arguments
03. Love Train
04. Time To Get Down
05. Put Your Hands Together
06. For The Love Of Money
07. Sunshinev
08. Give The People What They Want
09. I Love Music
10. Livin’ For The Weekend
11. Stairway To Heaven
12. Darlin’ Darlin’ Baby (Sweet, Tender, Love)
13. Use Ta Be My Girl
14. Message In Our Music

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