CASINO CLASSICS Complete Collection (3CD)*


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Masterpiece Collectors Box volume 11-20

Masterpiece Collectors Box volume 11-20

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V/A -  Extend The 80s - Groove

V/A - Extend The 80s - Groove

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Tower of Power - T.O.P

Tower of Power - T.O.P

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CASINO CLASSICS Complete Collection (3CD) *

Soul Time is overseen by long time Northern Soul fan Joe Boy, who has been imaginatively compiling the genre for many years and most recently for Outta Sight. Casino Classics was a club label created in 1978 by DJ Russ Winstanley (founder of the famed Wigan Casino All-Nighter) and Casino manager Mike Walker. It was distributed by the newly formed R.K. Records owned by Robert and Barry Kingston the production team behind many earlier homegrown records on the Spark label. Between 1978 and 1980, Casino Classics issued a steady stream of 45s and two compilation albums, Chapters One and Two combining some of the scene ' s most memorable American originals with other tracks recorded especially for the label. Following the closure of the Casino in 1981 the final Chapter was released featuring tracks compiled and recorded before the demise of the club. Casino Classics' Complete Collection is the first time that these best-selling albums have ever been released on CD. This beautifully-curated 3-CD set boasts everything issued on the Casino Classics label back in the day, including every album and every single. Among the US originals are enduring Northern hits by Gloria Jones ('Tainted Love', as covered by Soft Cell), 'Sliced Tomatoes' by Just Brothers (famously sampled by Fatboy Slim) and the immortal 'three before eight' end-of-the-nighters by Dean Parrish, Tobi Legend


1. RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA - A Touch Of Velvet– A Sting Of Brass
2. LORRAINE SILVER - Lost Summer Love
3. RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA - Theme From "Joe 90”
5. JAMES AND BOBBY PURIFY - Shake A Tail Feather
6. LENNY GAMBLE - I’ll Do Anything (Anything She Wants Me To)
8. ALLNIGHT BAND - The Joker (The Wigan Joker)
9. THE FLIRTATIONS - Little Darling (I Need You)
10. DIANA FOSTER - I’m Gonna Share It With You
11. GERRI GRANGER - I Go To Pieces (Everytime…)
12. JIMMY RADCLIFFE - Long After Tonight Is All Over
13. TOBI LEGEND - Time Will Pass You By
14. DEAN PARRISH - I’m On My Way
15. AUTUMN - Time Out
16. NICKY WILSON - Stone Soul Loving
17. NICKY WILSON - Cry Like A Child


1. GLORIA JONES - Tainted Love
2. THE SHOW STOPPERS - Ain’t Nothing But A House Party
3. JUST BROTHERS - Sliced Tomatoes
4. TOMMY HUNT - You Got Me Where You Want Me
5. ALLNIGHT BAND - I Can’t Seem To Hold You
6. DIANA FOSTER - I’ve Got A Feeling
7. GENE LATTER - Sign On The Dotted Line
8. DIANE DUCANE - Better Late Than Never
9. THE CARSTAIRS - It Really Hurts Me Girl
10. ELOISE LAWS - Love Factory
11. RON GRAINER ORCHESTRA - When Love Grows Cold
12. THE REFLECTIONS - Gonna Love You Longer Stronger Baby
13. TOMMY HUNT - Loving On The Losing Side
14. SHORT PEOPLE - Why’d You Put It To Me Baby
15. J.J. BARNES - How Long
18. MODS ‘79 - Green Onions
19. MODS ‘79 - High On Your Love


1. THE TAMS - Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me
2. RAMSEY LEWIS TRIO - Wade In The Water
3. THE PLAYTHINGS - Stop What You’re Doing
4. JACKIE TRENT - Send Her Away
5. LEN BARRY - I Struck It Rich
6. JASON KNIGHT - Our Love Is Getting Stronger
7. AL WILSON - The Snake
8. TAMMY ST. JOHN - Nobody Knows What’s Goin’ On (In My Mind But Me)
9. THE JAVELLS (Featuring NOSMO KING) - Goodbye Nothin’ To Say
10. LORRAINE SILVER - I Know That You’ll Be There
11. FAMILY AFFAIR - Love Hustle
12. THE PLAYTHINGS -Surrounded By A Ray Of Sunshine
13. THE TOYS - A Lover’s Concerto BONUS TRACKS
14. THE O’KAYSIONS - Girl Watcher
15. JACKIE TRENT - You Baby
16. VAL MCKENNA - Love Feeling
17. BRAD STEVENS - I’m Your Number One
18. THE RAINBOW PEOPLE - Living In A Dream World
19. TOMMY HUNT - Never Can Say Goodbye
20. TOMMY HUNT - Sign On The Dotted Line
21. TOMMY HUNT - You Got Me Up There

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