80’s Soul Classics Vol. 01 (PTG CD)


Artist: 80’s Soul Classics
Label: PTG Records
Sort: Compilation 2CD
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Barcode: 8717438196985

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80’s Soul Classics vol. 1

We proudly present a cracking batch of funky dancers and gentle groovers that captured the classy black clubs and radio airwaves from the early 80’s to the mid 80’s. If you are familiar with the sunny L.A. sound of Solar Records, the Minneapolis made Flyte Tyme productions, the lush Hush sound of New York or the sheer electricity of 80’s grooves, stay tuned and you’ll be Walking Into Sunshine. It’s not the obvious mix of classic stompers offered here.

This Vol. 1 of this brand new PTG Records collection digs deeper and uncovers the soulful treasure tunes that made the post disco years and the emerging days of synth funk so abundant and exciting. 80’s Soul Classics is the story of black music past the seventies disco craze when musicality was on the rise again after the monotonous reign of the disco queens.

2CD with 24 titles with black superstars such as: Players Association, Angela Bofill, Kashif, Gary Taylor, Crown Heights Affair, Champaign, Debarge, Fat Larry’s Band, Nick Straker Band, McFadden and Whitehead and many others.

CD 1
01. THE PLAYERS ASSOCIATION – The Get-Down Mellow Sound 7:49
02. ANGELA BOFILL – Is This A Dream 5:10
03. KASHIF – Don´t Stop My Love 4:30
04. GARY TAYLOR – Just What I Have In Mind 4:17
05. CENTRAL LINE – Walking Into Sunshine 5:18
06. CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR – Think Positive 6:31
07. GLENN JONES – Finesse 5:06
08. CHAMPAIGN – Off And On Love 4:07
09. TWIN IMAGE – Love Lesson 5:18
10. VERNON BURCH – Do It To Me 5:29
11. ENCHANTMENT – Somebody’s loving you 3:35
12. ELLIE HOPE – Lucky 5:50

CD 2
01. DEBARGE – You Wear It Well 4:44
02. BREAKWATER – Let Love In 4:33
03. MIDNIGHT STAR – Two In Love 6:19
04. FAT LARRY’S BAND – Be My Lady 5:03
05. NICK STRAKER BAND – We Can Still Be Friends 5:06
06. MICHAEL HENDERSON – You Wouldn’t Have To Work At All 4:59
07. MCB – I’m The One, You’re The One 5:01
08. RHYZE – Rhyze to the top 6:15
09. MC FADDEN AND WHITEHEAD – One More Time 5:04
10. PAGODA – Finders Keepers 4:08
11. ALFONZO – Don’t Stop This Feeling 3:41
12. FIRST CIRCLE – In The Name Of Love 4:37

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