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xmas 2023

It’s time for Christmas

It's time for Christmas We hope you've had a good and healthy year. At Vinyl-Masterpiece.com, we're going to make a big impact again this month. Our offers for this month During this December month, we have three special promotions running. 25% Discount on ALL PTG CD’s 15% Discount on all...
80s Music Disco Funk Classics

80s Music Disco Funk Classics: Groove to the Rhythm!

Introduction 80s music disco funk classics The 80s marked a golden era for music enthusiasts, as the disco and funk genres intertwined to create an electrifying sound that continues to captivate listeners even today. From dazzling dancefloors to iconic fashion trends, the essence of 80s music...
Vinyl Masterpiece Summer Sale 2023

Summer sale 2023

Summer sale has started with great discounts. On all our artist albums and on our compilation CD's we are giving as much as 10% discount. If that is not enough already we are offering our own PTG / Vinyl Masterpiece CD's with an even higher discount!!! We...

15% spring sale

SPRING SALE 15% Spring discount on all products DISCOUNT CODE: SPRING23 Discount valid until: 14-April-2023 21-April-23
Christmas sale Vinyl Masterpiece


This Christmas we have great deals again. Save up to 40% on your order. All PTG artist CD's and PTG compilation CD's have 25% discount. If you order 3 CD's you will receive 30% discount on your order. If you order 5 CD's or more you will receive...


During HELLOWEEN use the discount code HELLOWEEN and receive 20% off your order. The discount code is valid on the entire assortment including the products that are already discounted. Be quick discount code ends on Tuesday 00:00:00. DISCOUNT CODE: HELLOWEEN * Coupon code unfortunately does not work...

Autumn sale 2022

AUTUMN SALE Selected cds for €7.90 Buy 3 CDs in the autumn sale and get another 10% discount SHOP NOW
Order and win your purchase price back!


Many of you have returned from the holidays and want to enjoy again their favorite music. This is your chance to order your product with 10% DISCOUNT and even get a chance winning your order amount (excl. shipping) back in discount. Use this discount code: giveaway10 Among...
Summer Sale Vinyl Masterpiece

Big summer sale on all PTG artist CD’s

Save up to 25% off artist CDs from PTG. Order 1 CD with 5% discount Order 2 CDs with 10% discount Order 3 CDs with 15% discount Order 4 CDs with 20% discount Order 5 CDs with 25% discount SHOP NOW