Shopping Guide

Shopping Guide

Ordering items from Vinyl Masterpiece is easy and most important of all: 100% secure. Here are the steps you need to follow. 

Ordering Process

• Adding products to your shopping cart: while browsing through our catalog each product specific page lets you add the item to your shopping cart, using the button ´Add to cart´. You´ll see the added product apearing in your shopping cart in the upper right corner of your screen.

• View the items in your shopping cart: by clicking the ´Cart Contents´ link in your upper right corner you are able to view the current contents of the cart. In this screen you are able to change the number of items per product, delete items or continue to the checkout page.

• Checking out: finished shopping? Then you have the option to checkout using the ´Checkout´ link in either the upper right corner of your screen or the shopping cart page. This leads to the the login page where you are requested to register (new customer) or login (existing customer).

• Logging into your account: if you already have an account you can login using your email address and password. If you are new to Vinyl Masterpiece, click the ´Continue´ button. A registration form appears where you need to fill out your name, address, email address and password. Clicking´the ´Continue´ button will lead to the first checkout screen.

• Shipping method: in this screen you can choose the shiping method for your order. You will notice several shipping options are available. Rapid Air Shipping (outside The Netherlands only) is the fastest way to ship, but also the most expensive. TPGPost offers shipping at lower rates but will usually require more time for your order to arrive. You can also select a different shipping address here. Click ´Continue´ to proceed to the next screen.

• Payment options: Vinyl Masterpiece allows you to pay using Pay Pal or Ogone. For details on the available credit cards and other payment types per provider, please visit our payments page. Click ´Continue´ to proceed.

• In the next screen you will see an overview of your order. When clicking the ´Continue´ button you will be taken to the secured web site of the payment provider you selected (Pay Pal or Ogone). To complete your order, follow the instructions provided on theses pages. You will be taken back to as soon as your payment has been accepted.

Enjoy shopping with us!

Secure Payments

All payment methods offered by Vinyl Masterpiece are 100% secure. Your personal data as well as your payment information, such as your credit card details, are encrypted using the lastest SSL technologies.

You can verify whether or not your connection with the payment provider is encrypted at any time during the payment process. As soon as you are being redirected to the Ogone or Pay Pal payment interface, an icon of a closed lock should appear in the lower right corner of your screen (only visible when openend in full-screen window). In addition, all browsers will give a warning as soon as you are about to transfer data through a connection which cannot be verified or is otherwise possibly insecure.

If you have any further questions regarding the payment process or the security issues related to the payment process, please don´t hesitate to contact us.