Wants List Vol. 2 – Another 18 Soulful Rare Grooves (CD)

Wants List Vol. 2 – Another 18 Soulful Rare Grooves (CD)



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Wants List Vol. 2 – Another 18 Soulful Rare Grooves – V/A

We continue our quest to reissue some of the best and most popular tracks that were rediscovered in the UK Rare Groove scene from the mid 80’s onwards. Many of these tracks were overlooked when first released either hidden away on albums or unpromoted single releases.

This volume concentrates predominately (like the first) on two-steppers, beat ballads ideal for dancing with a partner at all night parties, although there are a few tracks that are so good or were so heavily requested that we couldn’t leave them off.


01. I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More – Kellee Patterson
02. World in a Crisis – Barbara Mason
03. Oops! Here I Go Again – Edna Wright
04. Sho’ Nuff – Sly, Slick & Wicked
05. Shake It Up – The Vibrations
06. Live for Love – G.C. Cameron
07. All I Want Is You – Four Flights
08. Stop Me from Starting This Feeling – Lou Rawls
09. My Music – Samuel Jonathan Johnson
10. I Feel So at Home Here – Michelle Wiley
11. Unwanted Company – Jeannie Reynolds
12. Making Room for Love – Alton McClain
13. Few More Kisses to Go – Isaac Hayes
14. Let Me Be Your Pacifier – Garland Green
15. It’s Got to Be Mellow – Leon Haywood
16. Heaven – Ruth Copeland
17. It Comes to My Attention
18. When We’re Makin’ Love – Denise LaSalle

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