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  1. T-Life - Somethin' That You Do To Me (PTG CD)

    Philly soul singer/songwriter/producer Theodore Life's second album, Somethin’ That You Do to Me Keeps Turnin' On wasn't as rock-oriented as his first album, That's Life, but it was no less eclectic. T-Life's frequent collaborator George Andrews is on hand to supply his usual dazzling arrangements. The pumping, punchy horn-laced title track “Somethin’that you do to” me was a dance hit and the extended (not-available-to-retail) 12” version became a post-release collectible. Saxophonist Sam Peake weaves through the low-toned funky, atmospheric “Smokin'.” “Don't Let This Be the Last Time” has player piano, almost show tune-like quality to it. The reggae-ish “Let Him Go” has beautiful, bombastic horns.The lovely, crystalline ballad “Don't Wanna Be Lonely” has an exotic, oriental flavor. “Wouldn't You Know” is funky while having striking vocal counterpoint.

    Release: 5-1-2018

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  2. One Way - Who's Fooling Who (PTG CD)

    One Way - Who's Fooling Who
    The album “Who’s foolin’ who” from One Way includes the band's biggest hit, "Cutie Pie", which peaked at #61 on the Billboard Hot 100, #29 on the dance charts and #4 on the R&B charts. The album's title track, "Who's Foolin' Who" was also succesfully released as a single and was in the ninetees covered by the Eurodance band Double You.

    The album itself peaked #51 on the Billboard 200 and #8 on the R&B charts. Aside from 1984's #1 R&B album,Lady, this album is the highest charting in their eight-year run.

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  3. One Way - Love Is (PTG CD)

    One Way – Love is . . .

    One Way released in 1981 the grossly overlooked and far underrated album Love Is. The album contains smooth vocal harmonies and sweet soul rhythms. The Detroit group brought the album into the Billboard R&B Top 20 in March 1981, their highest spot. The title track Love is …is a  mid tempo urban soul track.  But One Way meanders from this sleepy and sweet title track to the more emotive "My Lady," which captures an easy, breezy style reminiscent of the Chi-Lites. The latter was rewarded with moderate chart success, while the lighthearted dance groove "Push" shot to number 12 R&B. Elsewhere, "I Didn't Mean to Break Your Heart" finds the band sampling some funk ethics, only to swing 'round a little later on with some classic blues guitar picking and bass thumping on "Wait Until Tomorrow." It's an eclectic, if at times somewhat too smooth, brew, but One Way is so obviously enthralled with their sonic journey that it's hard to criticize. Oddly, despite such cool grooves and their consistent presence in the R&B chart for over a decade, One Way remained inexplicably on the fringes, a fate that is ultimately to the benefit of the soul aficionado, as the band is transformed into a precious, secret jewel, a nifty little nugget for those in the know. (source All Music)

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  4. Ritchie Family - I'll Do My Best (PTG CD)

    Ritchie Family – I’ll Do My Best The Ritchie Family was the name of an American disco group which was based in Philadelphia. The Ritchie Family took its name from record producer Richie Rome who added a T to the name. They achieved many hits during the disco era between 1975 and 1985.

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  5. Manhattans - Too Hot To Stop It (PTG CD)

    In 1985 Columbia Records released the album Too Hot To Stop It.  The album was a tribute to their original lead singer George “Smitty” Smith. .

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  6. One Way - One Way feat. Al Hudson (PTG CD)

    One Way was an American R&B/Funk band that was very popular in the late 1970s and throughout most of the 1980s. One Way was formed in 1979 in Detroit, Michigan as the newer incarnation of a band originally known as Soul Partners. The original members were Al Hudson, Alicia Myers, guitarists Dave Roberson and Cortez Harris, bassist Kevin McCord, drummer Gregory Green and keyboardist Jonathan Meadows. They first recorded as "Al Hudson and the Partners", scoring an R&B hit on the ABC label called "You Can Do It" in 1979.. At that time, however, ABC Records was in the process of being taken over by MCA Records as part of a buyout, and when the band moved to the MCA label, they subsequently changed their name to One Way featuring Al Hudson before becoming One Way. Their First release on MCA was the selftitled album One Way featuring Al Hudson and they had a minor hit in 1979 with the song “Music”. They stayed on MCA from 1980 to 1988 and scored five Top 10 U.S.R&B chart hits, with the biggest being "Cutie Pie," which reached number four in 1982. Learn More
  7. One Way - Wrap Your Body (PTG CD)

    PTG Records is very proud to release this highly demanded album Wrap your body for the first time ever on CD. Best tracks of the album are the ballads like More than friends, less than lovers withy leadvocals of Ewana Wilson backed up by the sweet vocals of the Ridgeways. Other strong songs are Let’s talk (the extended 12" version is also added as bonus track), Condemned, Serving it and If I knew. In Europe they had minor success although the single Let’s talk charted in 1985 in many single charts and R&B charts.

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  8. Michael Orr and Carey Harris - Spread Love

    Our re-issue label PTG Records is proud to announce the release on CD of the Michael Orr and Carey Harris classic album “Spreadlove”. This is a very special record among record collectors all over the world. The original album dates from 1975 and since then only for sale for prices over 100 to 200 Euro. A true soul heritage now for sale in our webshop. This reissue is digitally remastered form original mastertape. *Release-date: 8/7/2016 Learn More
  9. Process and the Doo Rags - Colorful changes

    Process & the Doo Rags started when Rick James enlisted his back-up singer James “Bunty” Hawkins (aka Process), the brother of the funk legend’s guitarist and musical director Kenny Hawkins. He wanted to begin preparing some of his male backup singers to form a stand-alone act, much like the Mary Jane Girls. James and Kenny picked out Stacey “Wave” Lattimore, Henry “Gumps” Graham, Dennis “Shorty” Andrews and Michael “Smooth” Gibson and Process and the Doo Rags were born. The group was almost a quartet. Over 400 singers auditioned for the group and Lattimore, Graham and Gibson were picked to join the brothers Hawkins. Then Andrews asked for a late audition. “I'm a little guy," Andrews said at the time. “But I have a big voice." And he was in. *Re-release-date: 15-4-2016 Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 126 total

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