Earth Wind & Fire – Original Album Classics 2 (5CD)

Earth Wind & Fire – Original Album Classics 2 (5CD)



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Earth Wind & Fire – Original Album Classics 2


Earth Wind & Fire – Last Days And Time

01. Time Is On Your Side (Album Version)
02. Interlude (Album Version)
03. They Don’t See (Album Version)
04. Interlude (Album Version)
05. Make It With You (Album Version)
06. Power (Album Version)
07. Remember The Children (Album Version)
08. Interlude (Album Version)
09. Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Album Version)
10. I’d Rather Have You (Album Version)
11. Mom (Album Version)


Earth Wind & Fire – Head To The Sky

01. Evil (Album Version)
02. Keep Your Head To The Sky (Album Version)
03. Build Your Nest (Album Version)
04. The World’s A Masquerade (Album Version)
05. Clover (Album Version)
06. Zanzibar (Album Version)


Earth Wind & Fire – Open Our Eyes

01. Mighty Mighty (Album Version)
02. Devotion (Album Version)
03. Fair But So Uncool (Album Version)
04. Feelin’ Blue (Album Version)
05. Kalimba Story (Album Version)
06. Drum Song (Album Version)
07. Tee Nine Chee Bit (Album Version)
08. Spasmodic Movements (Album Version)
09. Rabbit Seed (Album Version)
10. Caribou (Album Version)
11. Open Our Eyes (Album Version)
12. Ain’t No Harm To Moan (Slave Song) (Album Version)
13. Fair But So Uncool (Walkin’ In N’Awlins Mix)
14. Step’s Tune (Album Version)
15. Dreams (Album Version)


Earth Wind & Fire – Faces

01. Let Me Talk (Album Version)
02. Turn It Into Something Good (Album Version)
03. Pride (Album Version)
04. You (Album Version)
05. Sparkle (Album Version)
06. Back On The Road (Album Version)
07. Song In My Heart (Album Version)
08. You Went Away (Album Version)
09. And Love Goes On (Album Version)
10. Sailaway (Album Version)
11. Take It To The Sky (Album Version)
12. Win Or Lose
13. Share Your Love (Album Version)
14. In Time (Album Version)
15. Faces (Album Version)


Earth Wind & Fire – Powerlight

01. Fall In Love With Me (Album Version)
02. Spread Your Love (Album Version)
03. Side By Side (Album Version)
04. Straight From The Heart (Album Version)
05. The Speed Of Love (Album Version)
06. Freedom Of Choice (Album Version)
07. Something Special (Album Version)
08. Hearts To Heart (Album Version)
09. Miracles (Album Version)

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