Stanley/George Duke Clarke – Clarke/duke Project 2 (CD)


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It was pretty obvious with the enormous success of the first Clarke/Duke project that a second would come out soon enough and it did a little over a year later. If you love steamy jazz, along with some funky fusion, you’ll appreciate the effort by these two masters of their craft.

The two songs that open the album “Put It On The Line” (sung by Clarke) and “Heroes” (sung by Duke) have a rigid, very fast electro new wave tempo commonly associated with the music of Flash dance. The most organic sounding song on the album, “Every Reason To Smile” also includes a gospel choir on the chorus, along with a guest vocal from Howard Hewett.

01. Put It On the Line
02. Heroes
03. Try Me Baby
04. Every Reason To Smile
05. Great Danes
06. The Good Times
07. You’re Gonna Love It
08. Trip You In Love
09. Atlanta

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