Joe Houston - Kicking Back Remastered


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(2015/BGP Ace) 8 tracks, original 1978 Big Town album reissue, 8-page booklet. Houston’s one Big Town release has been largely overlooked by Blues fans. Although he looks super-cool on the cover, who can blame them? Titles such as ‘Hawaiian Disco’ seem to mark the album as a cheap cash-in.

In fact, the formula isn’t so far from his earlier records. The only difference is this time the grooves are no longer rockin' R&B but instead resemble a blaxploitation soundtrack. Houston is on top form and the music sounds brilliant. It is only in recent years since funk fans have started to dig a little deeper that albums such as this have started to be appreciated. Remastered from the original master tapes.


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1. Hawaiian disco
2. T-Bone disco
3. Mr Big "H"
4. Baby what you want me to do
5. Trippin' in
6. Why don't you rock me
7. Kicking back [Part 1]
8. Kicking back [Part 2]

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